Carol Frasso: Owner & K9 Fit Club Certified Master Trainer

Carol spent much of her childhood years on a family farm where she not only learned the value of hard work spending hours with family working the gardens and fields, but she also spent a great deal of time with the all animals on the farm. Her great-aunt Rose and great-aunt Mary instilled in her the love of animals, taught her how to be comfortable around them and how to care for them. Even at the young age of 10 years old, Carol would often be sent to bring in the cows and horses from the pasture; gather eggs from the chicken coop and feed the horses, cows, pigs, chickens and DOGS! The farm gave Carol her core values of humanely caring for all animals as part of her extended family.

In 2013, Carol saw a segment on a morning news program introducing K9 Fit Club and their program of working out with your pooch. Carol reached out to them and within the year was certified to instruct classes. Additionally, she studied for and obtained her Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification.. It became Carol’s vision to open a facility that offered classes where people could bring their dogs and workout. In her mind it offered a solution for many people who were skipping workouts because they didn’t want to leave their dogs after being away all day at work. It also served other groups of people: those who weren’t spending enough time bonding with their dogs, often creating behavioral problems; those who were trying to drop either a few pounds or 100 pounds; those who had dogs needing to get more exercise and drop a few pounds themselves; those “gym rats” and people with frequent and focused training programs who would like to have some way to incorporate their dog into their workout regimen; and also for those who were just looking for one more place they could go to with the “best friend”!.

Once her vision started to proceed forward, her vision of “the club” expanded to include other NEEDED services (dog baths) plus FUN services (pooch parties, holiday events) and EDUCATIONAL services (introduction to other dog relatedcommunity services & products). With Carol’s love of animals, her lifelong participation in sports teams and fitness activities, and her 31 years of experience in business, managing people, sales, sales support and technology, Carol launched Woofinwaggle in 2016. Her goal is to make Woofinwaggle known as “The neighborhood place for you and your pooch”!!! Woof Woof