Fitness Classes

At Woofinwaggle, we’re committed to providing dog parents and their pets with a full selection of fitness classes and activities, in a variety of convenient time slots. Dog fitness is of the upmost importance when it comes to a healthy pup! It is also number one on a dog’s list of priorities. Almost all dogs love exercise, it’s just fun for them! Regardless of your dogs, size, breed, or current physical activity level there is a class that is ideally suited to meet their needs!

Dogs sitting on a yoga mat, concentrating for excercise and list

What We Offer

Classes Description
Fitness with your Fur-Baby This is where it begins. Our regularly scheduled class that is for everyone. This is the class you come to for fun and fitness for both you and your pooch. Whether you are a fitness freak or you can’t remember how many years it’s been since you actually “worked out”, this is where you learn how to work out with your dog. This is a class you can put into your weekly schedule. Your pup will give you “high paws” for it!

Fitness Level: Nothing intimidating here, everyone at all fitness levels including novice, is welcome. Every dog, large or small can participate, get a great workout, have tons of fun… AND, go home tired!

6-Legged Bootcamp The go-to class that combines strength, agility and cardio for dog owners and active conditioning for their pets.
Just The Dog This is the perfect option for on-the-go dog owners. Dogs work-out best in shorter spurts.  To support that, the Woofinwaggle team will work with your dog for three 15-minute workout sessions that will include cardio, strength, balance and some basic commands.  We will give your dog a 5 to 15-minute rest between each 15-minute session along with water. Also leave treats for your dog if they will need or work better with treats.
Senior Be-Fit For folks who are working their way back into a health & wellness regimen. Ideal for physically disabled or sedentary clients. Dog optional.
Young Pups Specifically designed for kids-only, ages 7-to-12, usually as an after school program. Many children are not getting the exercise that they need and are spending large amounts of time sitting in front of a screen. Some are not getting enough physical activity; some are not getting as much social interaction; and some kids are not getting enough of both. Our Young Pups sessions provides high energy activities in a fun and safe environment.  This class is a kids only program; dogs are not part of the classes, though we do introduce children to the proper way to interact with dogs and in later classes will introduce a dog or two and teach the kids proper greeting techniques and basic body language signs that a dog may give off.

We typically schedule either a 6-week program occurring once-a-week or 4-week program if scheduled twice-a-week. Contact us to discuss options for your child or a group of children.

Speciality  We interlace our schedule with classes targeting “small” dogs, “large” dogs, breed specific, senior dogs, “just friends”, classes that are more people focused than dog and classes more dog focused than people. We plan to offer family night where you can bring your entire family (moms, dads, kids, dogs, grandma, baby sitter), and any other combination that makes up your unique family! We will offer themed night, holiday classes and if there’s something we haven’t thought of that you would like to see, just give us a holler.  We are open to all sorts of FUN!