Custom Pet Portraits

Woofinwaggle is proud to offer custom pet portraits by local Raleigh artist, Shawn Hart! Whether you are looking to immortalize your favorite pet or are searching for the perfect gift, custom pet portraits are always treasured. From an early age, Shawn Hart discovered her passions: the love of animals and creating art. She incorporated these elements in her work, painting portraits of animals, among other nature-inspired subjects. Shawn is a professional custom pet portraits artist with a studio at nationally-recognized Artspace in downtown Raleigh. Learn more about Shawn’s background.

How It Works

Contact Woofinwaggle by calling 919-249-9663 or emailing to begin your custom pet portrait painting process! We will the request digital photos to be emailed to Shawn. She will combine the best features for the perfect portrait. See “the process” below!

  • -Select your portrait size, and type (canvas or wood panel).
  • -Reserve your order by sending a deposit to Woofinwaggle.
  • -Artist Shawn Hart will begin the painting and will share the progress with you and on social media, unless otherwise requested.
  • -Once the painting has dried, she will package and ship your portrait! Remaining 50% payment is due upon approval of piece, prior to shipping or delivery.
  • -Don’t have time? Request a print of an original painting for a quick one-to-two business day turn-around time. Visit the Etsy shop to order prints.
  • -Free shipping within the US!*

Stretched Canvas vs Wood Panel

Oil paintings on stretched canvas are gallery wrapped, are created with a full portrait and background, are painted on all sides, and wired for immediate hanging. Oil paintings on wood panel use the natural beauty of the wood grain as the background for the portrait and wired for immediate hanging. Both types of oil paintings take several weeks to dry for proper shipment.

Be sure to contact us to learn more about our custom pet portraits by calling 919-249-9663.

Shawn hart custom pet portraits



Wood vs. Canvas



Wood Panel



Wood Panel



Wood Panel



Stretched Canvas



Stretched Canvas



Stretched Canvas



Stretched Canvas



Stretched Canvas



Stretched Canvas



Stretched Canvas



Stretched Canvas


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