Reiki Certification

At Woofinwaggle, we are happy to host Reiki Certification classes by guest instructor, Victoria Haffer! We’re committed to providing dog parents and their pets with a full selection of fitness classes and activities. Our goal is to help dogs and their parents of all ages and fitness levels achieve better health together in a welcoming and fun environment. It is also our goal to encourage and improve the human-dog bond creating a healthy and happy pup.

Join us for a one day training for humans and animals! Just $150!

What exactly is Reiki?

The practice involves energy traveling from the hands of the practitioner through a subjects energy pathways & centers & through the whole body.

What exactly is Pet Reiki?

It is gentle & noninvasive. It doesn’t require physical contact, while it corrects energy imbalances in an animals body.

Benefits to Animals:

  • -Strengthen an animal’s immune system before cancer treatment
  • -Speed healing after sickness or surgery
  • -Promote relaxation and reduce stress to solve behavioral problems
  • -Relieve pain
  • -Provide comfort for terminally ill pets, as well as owners
  • -Enhance a pet’s overall well-being
  • -Increase the pet-owner bond

Hosted by: Victoria Haffer

Woofinwaggle is proud to host special classes offered by Victoria Haffer. Victoria holds an MS in Exercise  Physiology with over 30 years experience as a Wellness Expert, Coach, Holistic Nutrionist, Dog Trainer, Yoga Therapist, and Intuitive Healer. She specializes in coaching and healing both animals and humans using a blend of animal psychology, energy healing, coaching, breath awareness, and essential oils. To learn more visit:

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