Yoga Classes

Yes, you can do yoga with your dog right here in Raleigh! At Woofinwaggle, we are happy to host special yoga classes by guest instructor, Victoria Haffer! We’re committed to providing dog parents and their pets with a full selection of fitness classes and activities. Our goal is to help dogs and their parents of all ages and fitness levels achieve better health together in a welcoming and fun environment. It is also our goal to encourage and improve the human-dog bond creating a healthy and happy pup. If your a long-time yogi or new to yoga, you and your pup are guaranteed to love this special guest hosted class!

Join us for an hour of stretching, strengthening, and breathing with your dog! Only $20!

Yoga Classes

  • -No yoga experience is needed from you or your pup.
  • -This is a no-judgement zone. We don’t mind if your pup barks!
  • -Class is limited to 1 dog per person, per yoga mat (Bring your own mat).
  • -Dog must be attached to you via belt or runner’s leash.
  • -Great bonding experience for you & your canine.

Instructed by: Victoria Haffer

Woofinwaggle is proud to host special classes offered by Victoria Haffer. Victoria holds an MS in Exercise  Physiology with over 30 years experience as a Wellness Expert, Coach, Holistic Nutrionist, Dog Trainer, Yoga Therapist, and Intuitive Healer. She specializes in coaching and healing both animals and humans using a blend of animal psychology, energy healing, coaching, breath awareness, and essential oils. To learn more visit:

Yoga classes Raleigh at Woofinwaggle