Get Fit. Get Fluffy. Only at Woofinwaggle!

Our motto at Woofinwaggle is Get Fit. Get Fluffy. As the first fitness center in North Carolina specifically for dog parents, Woofinwaggle is offering fitness classes for you & your pooch! You can attend an exercise class for yourself, and also workout side-by-side with your pup.

Woofinwggle will motivate you & your dog to get moving! Our goal is to help pooches of all sizes & types and their parents achieve better health and fitness together in a casual and comfortable space. At Woofinwaggle, you will experience, fun, fitness, and bonding in a safe and welcoming environment for all.

In addition to this unique dog & pet owner fitness experience, Woofinwaggle has one of the coolest self-serve dog wash rooms in the entire Raleigh – Durham area. Our tubs lower to the floor, allowing your dog to step in, and raise to as high as 42″, virtually eliminating the back strain from bending over. Why not use our convenient dog wash tubs & keep your bathrooms clean and free from “the dog shake?”

Read more throughout our website about our services & offerings so you and your dog can Get Fit and Get Fluffy!

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