Animal Communication & Energy Healing Classes

It’s time to heal! Have you been looking for an all-natural way to connect & heal with your pets? Our special energy healing classes taught by guest instructor, Ellen Schaffer, are just what you need! Each person and animal has a unique soul. Ellen takes great care to meet you and/or your animals on a soul level so that you can receive what you need in an authentic way. She will also take time to share knowledge and insights to help you on your journey.

We truly want you and your animals to live your best, most joyous lives! Join us for unique classes taught by Energy Healer & Animal Communicator, Ellen Schaffer, right here in the Woofinwaggle studio.


  • -April 4: Energy Healing for You & Your Animals ~ $25/class
    • Participants will learn what energy healing is, why it’s your greatest asset and your best medicine, how you and your animals can benefit from cleaning, protecting and strengthening your energy fields, and simple energy healing practices you can start using today.
    • Participants will get to sample crystals, smudge, essential oils and flower essences
    • All participants receive a gift certificate for $10 off a service with Ellen Schaffer.
  • -April 28– Live Readings @ Sip & Shop ~ FREE
  • -May 6- Animal Communication 101 ~ $135/class
    • If you’ve ever wanted to speak to the animals and hear them speak back clearly, this is the class for you!
    • Learn how to communicate intuitively through a series of easy techniques that we’ll practice together in a fun, relaxed setting.
    • Learn to how to send and receive messages with any animal telepathically. (Everyone can do it!)
    • Discover your primary way of hearing an animal’s voice and begin developing your listening skills
    • This class is for anyone who cares for animals in their homes, at work or through volunteering. You’ll be able to understand your animals on a deeper level and help them through any situation. It’s time to listen…
    • Pre-requisites: a love of animals, an open heart and an open mind. No prior experience is necessary, though it may be helpful to read Marta Williams’ book “Learning Their Language” first. (Please leave your animal companions at home for this class).
    • Get your friends to come along, we will need a minimum of 10 people to conduct this session. Price: $135  – this is a 3 hour session.
  • May 16- Set Your Energy Boundaries, Get Back Your Life ~ $25/class
  • -June 13– Develop Your Intuition ~ $25/class
    • Learn how to bring positive change to all aspects of your life by developing your intuition – your internal wisdom that helps you make decisions.
    • Hands-on class with practical exercises, you’ll learn to connect with and listen to your deeper inner guidance
    • Explore techniques to awaken your intuitive gifts and become more open to receiving intuitive messages
  • -June 20– Crystals 101: Crystals for You & Your Animals ~ $25/class

Hosted by: Ellen Schaffer

Woofinwaggle is proud to host special classes offered by Ellen Schaffer. Ellen is a Jewish energy healer, and combines her love & knowledge of Judaism with her skills & passion for energy healing. She helps people and animals feel better by restoring the flow of energy in and around their bodies, releasing blocks in their physical, emotional and spiritual fields. As an animal communicator, she is grateful to give back to the animals by sharing with their humans what they have to say about how they feel, what they need and how we can help them.

Ellen is 1 of just 7 people certified at the highest level (Level 3) of Quantum Crystalline Energy Healing, trained in all 4 levels of Touch for Health, and will be completing a rigorous Master’s Certification in Animal Communication through Marta Williams in early 2019. To learn more visit: