Woofinwaggle is your premier dog wash facility in the Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Triangle area. We are proud to provide extensive dog wash services including both self-serve and we wash. In our luxurious dog spa, we use both human grade and all-natural bath products made in the U.S. with top quality natural ingredients for the cleanest dog wash around. We also have 4-Legger Certified Organic dog wash shampoos for a small additional charge.

Preserving your pet’s health and wellness with regular hair clean-ups is our top priority. If you’re looking to clean-up your dog’s fur in between major grooming appointments, our mini, or basic, dog grooming service is just what you need!

Woofinwaggle is pleased to offer professional mini dog grooming services!

Our mini, or basic, dog grooming services include trimming of the face, feet (paws), and sanitary areas. Additional grooming extras are available if needed. Prices start at $15 depending on size.

Call us to schedule your basic dog groom appointment today: 919-249-9663

Mini-Grooming appointments include:
  • -A spa-quality bath using our essential oil based shampoos & conditioners
  • -Nail Trimming
  • -Anal Gland Expression (if needed)
  • -Blow out
  • -Trimming of the face, feet (paws), and sanitary areas

To better manage our grooming schedule for our valued grooming clients, we have implemented a booking/ no-show policy for all full-service, mini-groom, and face, feet, & fanny grooming appointments.

  • *No Show/Late Cancellation: $30 per pet*
  • **Credit Card information required at time of booking & kept on file**
  • *We also REQUIRE Rabies/Shot records for all grooming appointments.*

Our mini-groom appointments are always available! Please call 919-249-9663, email, or fill out our contact form to schedule. Walk-ins welcome, but based on availability of staff.