Dog Grooming

Leave the mess and clean-up to us! Woofinwaggle is Raleigh’s ultimate pet spa oasis where your dog’s comfort is our key! As well as dog washes, we also offer full-service grooming for all dogs regardless of size or breed.

Our dog groomers come to us with years of experience and can handle anything! We’re dedicated to providing the best experience possible for your pups!

Preserving your pet’s health and wellness with regular and proper grooming is our priority. Schedule a full-service grooming appointment or a mini-groom, for just a quick clean up.

Call or email us to schedule your grooming appointment today: 919-249-9663 or!  

Full Service Grooming appointments include:
  • -Bath using all-natural shampoos & conditioners (or de-shed if requested)
  • -Blow Out
  • -Brush Out
  • -Ear Cleaning
  • -Nail Clip or Grind
  • -Anal Gland Expression (if needed)
  • -Haircut to your style preference
Grooming Extras (Additional Services & Charges):
  • -De-Shedding (Excessive or deep coat treatment, based on time)
  • -De-Matting (based on time)
  • -Elderly / Senior Dog (Additional charges may apply)
  • -Temperament Issues
  • -Pregnant
  • -Flea & Tick Treatment
  • -Extra Muddy, Smelly (Skunk), Tar or Sap Removal
  • -Paw Fizz & Oil
  • -Teeth Brushing & Breath Treatment

Grooming Appointments are available Tuesday-Saturday. Please call 919-249-9663, email, or fill out our contact form to schedule your grooming appointment.