Dog Wash Services

Visit the one-of-a-kind Self-Serve & We-Wash dog wash facility at the Woofinwaggle Woof Spa in Raleigh!

Looking for a local dog wash facility to either bathe your dog yourself or leave it to the professionals? Woofinwaggle is your go-to Raleigh Dog Spa! In the Woofinwaggle Woof Spa, we promise your dog will leave smelling and looking like a brand new pooch! We use only human-grade bath products made in the U.S. with top quality natural ingredients. We also provide all the tools you need to complete the self-serve dog wash & do basic self-grooming including: towels, pet safe high-speed blow dryers, combs, brushes, ear cleaner, cotton balls & pads, nail files, and clippers. In addition to all of our basic self-grooming tools, we also include a tooth brushing in the We-Wash Plus dog washes. We can’t wait to see your dogs smelling & looking fresh and fluffy!

Self-Serve or We-Wash (Full Service) Dog Wash:

  • -Includes shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaner & cotton balls, a forced air dryer at every tub and a fluffer (heat) dryer to share. Basically, JUST BRING YOUR DOG!  We are ONLY accepting Self-Serve by appointment only.

Hydraulic Lift Tubs:

  • -Our special tubs require NO bending over! Your dog is secured and elevated making them feel less like squirming and jumping! The tubs lower to the floor making it much easier to get larger dogs, scared dogs, and geriatric dogs into the tub.

*Our staff is always available to assist. It’s important to us that your dog gets a great wash, and leaves smelling and feeling amazing!*